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VLSI CAD Bookshelf 2

text Andrew B. Kahng  and Igor Markov

The bookshelf is a new electronic medium centered around high-quality implementations of optimization algorithms for VLSI CAD and information relevant to creating and evaluating such implementations. The project started with emphasis on Physical Design for VLSI and is now rapidly expanding to related areas.

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0Bookshelf as a New Electronic Medium

0 Our talk at Berkeley on Sept 2, 1999 (ppt) (ps)
0 Stanford, Sept 24, 1999 (GSRC Workshop) (ppt)
0 San Jose, Dec 9, 1999 (GSRC Annual review) (ppt)
0 Los Angeles, Jun 4, 2000 (GSRC workshop) (ppt)
0 Los Angeles, Jun 8, 2000 (Design Automation Conference) (.ppt), (.ps), (.pdf),
0 Las Vegas, Jun 18 2001 (GSRC Workshop) (ppt)
0 Santa Clara, Sep 6 2001 (GSRC Workshop) (ppt)
0 Palo Alto, Mar 22 2002 (GSRC Workshop) (ppt/pdf)
0 New Orleans, Jun 2002 (GSRC Workshop) (ppt/pdf)

0 Bookshelf Slots (e.g., graph coloring, SAT, hypergraph partitioning etc)

0Submission (release) Standards

0New Data Formats new

0 Source Code Standards (to be greatly expanded)

0 Copyright issues and support issues

  o Article from EE Times: "Giga-center redefines chip design for new millennium"
  o The First GSRC Bookshelf Workshop "Defining CAD IP" was held at UCLA on Nov 21-22, 1999
        See conclusions and slides of the presentation by Igor Markov (ppt, ps)
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