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New Data Formats For VLSI CAD

text Andrew B. Kahng, Igor Markov
and GSRC participants


0.Slides (ppt, ps) of the talk by Igor Markov at UCLA workshop(Nov 20-21, 1999)
II. Why and When Use New Data Formats
III. Motivation and Main Goals
IV. Gotchas
V. General Guidlines/Standards
VI. Open issues
VII. Availability Status of New Data Formats
VIII. Resources
Appendix A. Note To Developers

I. Introduction

The MARCO/GSRC bookshelf aims at collecting leading-edge implementations for VLSI CAD algorithms as well as providing efficient mechanisms of evaluating such implementations and comparing them against each other. Standard benchmarks play an important role in such comparisons. Several research groups participating in the bookshelf effort are now converging on common representations for a number of fundamental optimization problems in VLSI CAD. Such representations include semantics (i.e., what kind of information is given), abstract syntax (i.e., how the information is organized to facilitate common use models) and concrete syntax (i.e., specific serial representations). At this point, we are not standardizing in-memory representations, but implementation options may implicitly influence the choice of common representations.

The new data formats are going to fill gaps where no public data formats existed before and also improve on existing, but deficient formats. They will be followed by publicly available benchmarks and simple utilities (e.g., converters, statistics browsers, evaluators and constraint verifiers).

Bookshelf maintainers (in the future, the steering committee) actively interact with the authors of the new formats in order to ensure relevance, domain coverage, user convenience and uniform look of all new formats. This document is designed to summarize our motivations and general guidelines in addition to listing the formats that are already available and can be used as examples.

II. Why And When Use New Data Formats (see separate page)
III. Motivation and Main Goals

IV. Gotchas

V. General Guidlines/Standards

This is a list of general guidlines and standards that apply to all bookshelf formats, unless otherwise explicetly noted. Included here are definitions on legal characters in names, format for numbers, definitions of "whitespace", etc.
This page can be refered to in descriptions of file formats via
and does not have to be duplicated.

VI. Open Issues

VII. Availability Status of New Data Formats (see
separate page)
VIII. Resources

Appendix A. Note To Developers

Active bookshelf developers are strongly advised to
request membership in the bookshelf group at GSRC with developer priviledges and use the bookshelf-devel mailing list to post their early formats drafts and announce implementation plans. Please do not post questions before browsing archives. For implementation, porting, installation and configuration issues, consider requesting membership in the softdevel group at GSRC and using their mailing list.

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