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Software Support Issues

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The following is a DRAFT "documentation and support advisory" that may be applied to, e.g., MARCO GSRC Bookshelf source code and documentation. Comments and discussion of this policy, and the advisory, are welcome through the bookshelf@gigascale mailing list or contact emails at the bottom of this page.


  Contact(s): {address} and/or {email}

  The text of this advisory is to be used for information purposes only.

  Developers and/or maintainers will attempt to provide installation 
  instructions, describe the general purpose of released source codes
  and executables as well as provide relevant references (e.g., to 
  technical reports and conference papers). However, providing 
  comprehensive documentation may be impossible due to resource/funding

  Realizing this, developers will provide limited and selective support
  for the released source code and executables by electronic or regular mail.
  This advisory encourages all users to request additional documentaion, 
  instructions and clarifications. Developers will attempt to answer such
  requests as time allows, establish mailing lists for users and maintain
  answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Users are encouraged to read
  such lists and other available documentation prior to requesting support.

  Appendix: {how to find relevant FAQs, online documentation, user groups 
             for this software}

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