MARCO GSRC Calibrating Achievable Design


Submission (release) Standards

Andrew B. Kahng and Igor Markov


I. Preliminaries
II. Scope and Qualitative Limitations
III. Technical Standards

I. Preliminaries

This document is intended to eventually act as ``instructions for authors'' for the GSRC bookshelf. At the moment, this is a working document of the bookshelf project, and comments are solicited.

II. Scope and qualitative limitations

Individual submissions must be designed as entries for particular slots in the overall bookshelf structure as described in the
overview. Alternatively, authors of a submission may submit a new slot. Either mechanism may entail scope limitations.

Submissions must agree to parameters of a GSRC Bookshelf slot as applicable

The Bookshelf is not intended for quick re-releases and corrections; support for such will be minimal.

III. Technical standards for submissions (releases)

  1. Every submission should be a single file, containing a compressed archive. The use of tar is mandated. Allowed compression utilities are compress and gzip. pkzip and Unix zip are not allowed, bzip2 may be allowed in the future.
  2. Every submission should clearly indicate whether it contains executables and what kind
    • the type of script language(s), e.g., sh/csh/perl .. etc
    • the type of binaries, e.g., static/shared libraries, statically/dynamically linked executables.. + the platform, e.g., Solaris 2.7 and RedHat Linux 6.0
  3. Every submission should indicate whether it contains binary files, and what kind
    • graphics, e.g., postscript, PDF, GIF, JPEG
    • executables
    • data in publicly available formats (e.g., GDSII)
    • data in submission-specific formats
  4. ASCII files must be present in any submission (documentation). We will accept Unix-type, DOS-type and Apple-type line ends, but all line ends in a submission should be of the same type, with the type clearly marked
  5. Allowed types of scripts, binary executables, graphics files etc will be listed here
  6. If source code is provided, it must conform to additional guidelines that apply to all GSRC software,