MARCO GSRC: Calibrating Achievable Design

Bookshelf As a New Electronic Medium

Andrew B. Kahng and Igor Markov


The GSRC Bookshelf outlined in the Overview document should be likened to an electronic medium or conference proceedings. In particular, we would like to connote "high-quality, archival, citable and relatively hard to change once published". Compared to well-publicized open software practices, this implies that contributors have more rights and more responsibilities.


Our primary goals are The dissemination of software culture is related to the primary goal, however, enforcement of software standards is strictly in support of the primary goal.

Unlike traditional conferences and journals, we accept and encourage submissions that have been made public earlier, as long as there are no copyright conflicts.

Similar to traditional conferences and journals, we do not require that authors maintain their submissions after publication. Significant revisions may be considered. The authors may be required to bring their submissions up to our standards, as determined by peer review. Additional details on standard can be found in the Submission Standards document.

Our acceptance standards do not restrict ways to produce submissions (e.g., conference/journal authors can produce postscript/PDF files using Latex, troff or scanners). While we highly encourage submission of source codes of algorithm implementations, but no source code standard will apply for binary-only submissions.,