GSRC Bookshelf: How to contribute

Anyone is welcome to contribute (e.g., see slot template)

The Bookshelf is committed to openness with respect to all possible contributions.

To contribute to the bookshelf:

  1. Inform the Bookshelf maintainers about your prospective contribution by sending an email (click on the link to send email). Supply URLs or otherwise explain what you would like to contribute. If the contribution relates to an existing slot or entry, please note this in the email.
  2. If you are interested, request membership in the bookshelf special interest group at the GSRC's website, If you consider yourself a "developer" (i.e., are going to prepare a software archive, write documentation, etc.), additionally request a subscription to bookshelf-devel in the message accompanying bookshelf membership request.
  3. If you would like to make a prototype Web page for your prospective contribution (such a page would eventually be moved to the GSRC server when your contribution is made), please inform the Bookshelf maintainers so that your Web page can be linked in for commentary and feedback from others in the community. Start with our slot template and fill the missing pieces in (reusing the HTML source will not only save effort, but promote a consistent look-and-feel across all Bookshelf slots). As appropriate, you may wish to add a Work in progress disclaimer.
  4. Feel free to draw on the resources of the GSRC's collaborative software experts, via Bookshelf maintainers, in order to work toward a maximally useful and high-impact contribution to the Bookshelf.
  5. Everyone is encouraged to browse Bookshelf documents, which are all linked at the Bookshelf main page. Any feedback should again be directed to the current maintainers.
We are, in general, not encouraging people to release source code before the slots themselves are well defined. This includes a problem statement, references to recent literature, complete definitions of data format, benchmarks and performance results, and statically linked executables (on a subset of Solaris 2.[5,6,7], Linux/libc6 and Windows NT).