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Nios Embedded Processor System Development

Nios Development Tools
SOPC Builder
Quartus II Software Overview
Embedded Software Development Tools
Third-Party Tools
System Components
CPU Architecture
Avalon Switch Fabric
Nios Peripheral Library
On-Chip Debugging Solutions
Nios Development Boards & Kits
Nios Development Kit, Stratix Edition
Nios Development Kit, Cyclone Edition
Nios Development Kit, Stratix Pro Edition
Third-Party Development Boards & Kits

With over 12,000 hardware kits shipped, the popular Nios® embedded processor sets the standard for soft embedded processors. Nios processor-based systems are optimized for Altera® programmable logic and system-on-a-programmable-chip (SOPC) solutions. Users create Nios processor-based systems with Altera's SOPC Builder system development tool, which provides best-in-class design flexibility and ease-of-use. Designers needing higher processor performance, a smaller FPGA footprint, or more robust software development tools can take advantage of the Nios II embedded processor family.

Introducing Nios II The World's Most Versatile Processor

Start Designing Today - Nios II Development Kits

Implement a Low-Cost Processor in Cycloneâ„¢ II FPGAs

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