A VLSI Floorplanner

Authors: Saurabh Adya, Hayward H. Chan, Igor Markov
Last updated by imarkov on May 22, 2006

                Latest version: PARQUET-4.5

A Full Listing of Command-Line Options (Parquet.exe -help)

            -f filename
            -s int (give a fixed seed)
            -n int (determine number of runs. default 1)
            -t double (set a time limit on the annealing run)
            -save basefilename (save design in bookshelf format)
            -savePl baseFilename (save .pl file of solution)
            -saveCapoPl basefilename (save .pl in Capo format)
            -saveCapo basefilename (save design in Capo format)
            -FPrep "BTree/SeqPair/Best" (Floorplan representation to use. By default it is Best.)
            -plot (plot the output solution to out.gpl file)
            -plotNoNets (plot without the nets)
            -plotNoSlacks (plot without slacks info)
            -plotNoNames (plot without name of blocks)
            -timeInit double (initial normalizing time: default 30000)
            -startTime double (annealing initial time: default timeInit)
            -timeCool double (annealing cool time: default 0.01)
            -AR double (required Aspect Ratio of fixed outline: default no Fixed Outline)
            -maxWS double (maxWS(%) allowed if fixed outline constraints)
            -outline xMin,yMin,xMax,yMax (specify the fixed box to floorplan in instead of AR and maxWS)
            -maxWSHier double (maxWS(%) for each hierarchical block)
            -minWL (minimize WL default turned off)
            -wireWeight double  (default 0.4)
            -areaWeight double  (default 0.4)
            -soft (soft Blocks present in input default no)
            -initQP (start the annealing with a QP solution)
            -takePl (take a placement and convert to sequence pair for use as initial solution)
            -solveMulti (solve as multiLevel heirarchy)
            -clusterPhysical (use Physical Heirarchy)
            -dontClusterMacros (keep Macros out of Clustering)
            -solveTop (solve only top level of heirarchy)
            -compact (compact the final solution)
            -initCompact (construct initial SP by compaction)