Lecture Notes of Henrik Reif Andersen

Tue Oct 21 13:25:33 MET DST 1997

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Henrik Reif Andersen. An Introduction to Binary Decision Diagrams. Version of October 1997 with minor revisions April 1998. 36 pp.

The 1997 version is a major revision of earlier versions. The presentation of the algorithms is based on a global table of nodes, making the presentation simpler and more in line with state-of-the-art BDD packages.

In teaching, the tool BED for constructing and manipulating BDDs interactively might be useful. It is available upon request (by e-mail). There is more information on BEDs on the BED homepage.

An efficient BDD-package written in C with both a Mosml and a C++ interface called BuDDy has been developed by Jørn Lind-Nielsen.

Earlier versions of the lecture notes from 1995 and 1996 are available upon request (by e-mail).