GRASP SAT Solver Home Page

This page contains links to the source code distribution of GRASP (Generic seaRch Algorithm for the Satisfiability Problem), a Propositional Satisfiability (SAT) solver, as well as a man page for its most recent version. ou may want to check my home page, for additional information on SAT. (This page includes links to publications, technical reports, talks, applications, and software.)

NOTE: The GRASP SAT solver is made available solely for research and educational purposes. contact me for other utilizations.

Source Code for GRASP

Man page for GRASP

The manual page for GRASP can be accessed here.


If you are interested in interfacing the SAT solver, I also keep a Perl scripts web page, that contains several translators and other utilities. Moreover, links to Perl scripts associated with my research work on SAT/BCP can be found here.

Resources on SAT

A few links and resources on propositional satisfiability are maintained here.

NOTE: The name GRASP has also been used in the context of local search solutions for SAT. If you are interested in these other solutions for SAT, please check this link maintained by Mauricio Resende.

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