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Welcome! This site aims at helping you identify ready to use solutions for your optimization problem, or at least to find some way to build such a solution using work done by others. If you know of useful sources not listed here, please let us know. If something is found to be erroneous, please let us know, too. Where possible, public domain software is listed here.

In any case, observe the expressed or implied LICENSE conditions ! In most cases, these accompany the source code. As a rule, most codes are free for research. This means free for academic research and teaching or for trying whether it serves your needs. Commercial uses (either direct or indirect) require licensing, as a rule.

We do not aim at giving an overview over existing commercial products and recommend one of the other guides for that. We have structured the information in the way you can see on the left. Clicking on the corresponding part takes you there. The contents are as follows:


software sorted by problem to be solved


collection of testresults and performance tests, made by us or others


example files ready to use with existing software, in different formats


a short list of introductory texts, some online


software which helps formulating an optimization problem or simplifying its solution


some software can be used directly via the net (mainly for trying it out), thanks to implementors who make their computing facilities available to you

other sources:

for more information provided by others

For an explanation of terms used in optimization consult the -> Mathematical Programming Glossary

Hans D. Mittelmann,
Dept of Math&Stats
Arizona State University

mittelmann at

This guide was started and maintained jointly for several years with Peter Spellucci, TU Darmstadt. You may cite it formally as:
H.D. Mittelmann, Decision Tree for Optimization Software, (2007)