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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 

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Professor Ryan Kastner

Contact Info:

Best way to contact me is via email: wanggang@engineering.ucsb.edu

Research Interest:

  • Reconfigurable Computing
  • Hardware/Software Co-design for Embedded Systems
  • Speech Recognition and Voice User Interface
  • Image and Video Compression
  • Applied Mathematics (optimization, heuristic/randomized algorithms, complexity)




  • ECE 210A: Matrix Analysis and Computation
  • ECE 594: Embedded System Design
  • CS 290F: Randomized Algorithms
  • Directed Research by Prof. Ryan Kastner

TA for ECE 154 in Fall'02

Places I've been:


Places I'd like to go:

A theory should be as simple as possible --- but no simpler. 

----------- Albert Einstein

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