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Send bug reports and inquiries to Jarrod Roy and Igor Markov at <>.

NOTE: you need only one (the most recent) of the UMpack distributions. Academic distributions contain some packages that require additional license for commercial use.
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[DIR]LATEST/06-Mar-2007 14:44 -  
[DIR]LATEST_CAPO/06-Mar-2007 14:44 -  
[DIR]OLD_RELEASES/18-Oct-2004 16:36 -  
[DIR]Partitioning-bin/24-Oct-2004 19:03 -  
[DIR]Placement-bin/18-May-2005 23:01 -  
[DIR]libfl.a/16-Oct-2004 16:22 - flex 2.5.4 for Solaris
[IMG]tape_man.gif04-Sep-2005 20:13 2.9K 

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