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1st place 2D
3rd place 3D
Authors: Jarrod A. Roy and Igor L. Markov
Contact: fgr.request@gmail.com
Funding: National Science Foundation, Sun Microsystems

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FGR is free open-source software for global routing, based on Lagrange Multipliers --- an approach similar to what industry routers use, but with greater mathematical rigor and robust performance. Unlike most other academic tools, FGR is self-contained and does not rely on ILP or external Steiner-tree constructors. At the ISPD 2007 Global Routing Contest, FGR won in the 2-dim category and placed 3rd in the 3-dim category. BFG-R - a newer router spun out of FGR, was used as an official evaluator of solutions at the ICCAD 2012 place-and-route contest.

FGR Supported I/O formats and benchmarks

  • ISPD98 benchmarks (Labyrinth format)
  • ISPD 2007 Global Routing Contest benchmarks (with a verification script)

B-FGR Supported I/O formats and benchmarks

Source code and binary distributions

Best solutions provided by FGR as of Nov. 5, 2007 are available in the performance section below.
Source code and binaries are available upon request from fgr.request@gmail.com.
Please include the following information in your message:

Currently available source code and binary distributions:
If you are using FGR in your work, please reference our publications below rather than only this website.

Publications and press coverage

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We currently provide two sets of results for FGR 1.1: If you are comparing your results with FGR, please clearly state which set(s) of results are used. Summary comparison between FGR 1.1 and other academic routers:
ISPD 2007
FGR 1.1
ICCAD 2007
BoxRouter 2.0
ICCAD 2007

ISPD 2007
Best competition from ISPD 2007 FGR 1.1 defaultFGR 1.1 best-seen results as of 11/5/07
OverflowTotal WL
Router OverflowTotal WL
OverflowTotal WL
adaptec1 2-d 0058.84BoxRouter 0054.73203 0053.71ad1-2d-best.routes.gz
adaptec1 3-d 0099.61MaizeRouter 0088.59212 0088.02ad1-3d-best.routes.gz
adaptec2 2-d 0055.69BoxRouter 0052.4024 0051.86ad2-2d-best.routes.gz
adaptec2 3-d 0098.12MaizeRouter 0090.0828 0089.96ad2-3d-best.routes.gz
adaptec3 2-d 00137.75MaizeRouter 00131.5094 00130.30ad3-2d-best.routes.gz
adaptec3 3-d 00214.08MaizeRouter 00200.59141 00200.14ad3-3d-best.routes.gz
adaptec4 2-d 00128.45MaizeRouter 00125.0014 00123.97ad4-2d-best.routes.gz
adaptec4 3-d 00194.38MaizeRouter 00182.9936 00178.90ad4-3d-best.routes.gz
adaptec5 2-d 00164.32BoxRouter 00153.21616 00151.47ad5-2d-best.routes.gz
adaptec5 3-d 00298.08BoxRouter 00261.26655 00260.53ad5-3d-best.routes.gz
newblue1 2-d 400251.13BoxRouter 368646.33503 234246.42 nb1-2d-best.routes.gz
newblue1 3-d 4002101.83BoxRouter 378290.56511 238290.68 nb1-3d-best.routes.gz
newblue2 2-d 0079.64MaizeRouter 0076.544 0075.78nb2-2d-best.routes.gz
newblue2 3-d 00139.66MaizeRouter 00132.549 00129.30nb2-3d-best.routes.gz
newblue3 2-d 325881236114.63MaizeRouter 392041188107.231549 383861196107.28 nb3-2d-best.routes.gz
newblue3 3-d 328401058184.40MaizeRouter 39384396163.361561 38398400163.41 nb3-3d-best.routes.gz
Average -7.4%-8.1%

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